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New arrivals

New Radix projects that have launched, available to reserve and trade

Bobcat Society

Discounts Available

100 XRD

Bobcat Society is the first project to migrate to the Radix DLT  from another layer 1. They won’t be the last and will launch on Radix Marketplace to pioneer and pave the way for the masses. 

Bobcat NFTs are unique; they vary by habitats, facial expressions, outfits and more! Rumours are, there is also an elusive ‘skeleton’ Bobcat prowling about…


Mutant Cat Society

Reservations Available

80 XRD

The Mutant Cat Society is the first collection of mutants on Radix! A total of 6,666 unique cats are waiting to be adopted.

Each cat has a power level that will play a key role in our future plans. If you didn’t figure it out, we also LOVE cats!

MCS pledge to donate 40% of all future trading fees to animal shelters to help furry friends.

Radical Penguins

10,000/10,000 Sold


Radical Penguins™ claims the glory of being the first 3D NFT Penguin collection on Radix. Each of the 10,000 unique Radical Penguins™ illustrations in our colony will be crafted with love, care and dedication so that they have their own identity, personality and charm.

Sad you missed your chance to reserve one, don’t worry… trading will happen right here on the marketplace when the Penguin community is ready to trade.

Dragons of Babylon

Pre-Sale Price

500 XRD

Dragons of Babylon™ are a collection of Dragons on Radix. Each of the 7777 unique Dragons of Babylon are born an egg that grows and changes depending on the activity of the wallet it lives in. 

When the Dragons hatch they can be altered with potions and traits even traded between Dragons.  With the AI learning, they have their own catchphrase, personality and spells.

Community Hub

Coming Soon

Discover the latest

Radix Pandas

While the OG panda lives in China, this one is at home on the Radix network. A total of 10,000 unique and adorable Pandas are waiting for you to take them into your heart.


Rippy represents the transformation of the familiar Microsoft Clippy into the Web3 world. An animated character coming to life on the Radix DLT.

Roid Boiz

A collection of 9,936 uniquely generated Roidboiz occupying the farthest shards of the 2^256 Radix Shardspace.

Radical Fractal

Radical Fractals

10000 unique NFTs were created by using the magic of math, defined via equations over the field of complex numbers, like the Mandelbrot set or Julia sets.

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