Pre-Babylon NFT Token Directory

Project NameTickerDescriptionDate Founded
Abandoned ScorpionsSCORPAbandoned Scorpion NFT token; represents 1 of 10,000 unique pixelart scorpions1: 28 Nov, 2021
Backwoods TanukiTANUKIToken used to mint Backwoods Tanuki NFT after Babylon2: 21 Feb, 2022
BobbyBOBBYFlay Hedge Fund3: 13 May, 2022
Buff TokenBUFFBuff Wild Crew NFT Token4: 16 May, 2022
CerberRADsCERBERCerberRads NFT5: 30 May, 2022
Dapper DachshundsDACHSA collection of 10,000 unique pixel art dachshund NFTs. Created with love for the Radix community to enjoy.6: 31 Jan, 2022
DeFi 3.0' NFTNS2Second limited Edition, run of 10, NFT release from the Nettle Soldier!7: 22 Apr, 2022
DeFi' NFTNS1First limited Edition, run of 10, NFT release from the Nettle Soldier!8: 15 Apr, 2022
DogeCube WOWWOWDogeCube official NFT token.9: 10 Feb, 2022
DREAMIXDREAMCelebrating the birth of the Radix Ecosystem10: 23 Dec, 2021
EnterTheRadtrixMultipleEnter the Radtrix11: 29 Dec, 2021
HOARDHOARDAn accumulation of valuable objects cached for preservation or future use; treasure; hoard12: 1 Dec, 2021
INVADERZALIEN10000 Randomly generated NFT elements created using a pixel based concept.13: 23 Feb, 2022
Meta Whale CirclePLTNMeta Whale Circle NFT Reservation Token/ Each of the 7777 Plankton Tokens can be exchanged for a randomly generated Meta Whale NFT after the launch of Babylon14: 21 Feb, 2022
Mutant Cat SocietyMTNTThe first mutants on Radix! A collection of 6,666 mutated cats from the toxic sewers. $MTNT tokens represent reservation until Babylon.15: 8 May, 2022
NattyRadishesNATTYThe Natty Radishes Reservation Token16: 11 Jan, 2022
Nerds RepublicGNRDFirst collection of unique avatars on the Radix DLT17: 8 Aug, 2021
Peepee universe tokenPPUFungible token used for Peepee Universe NFT presale18: 29 Mar, 2022
PooPPOOPA Collection about 10000 PooPs. https://poopnft.net19: 21 May, 2022
Rad ApesBANABanana to attract a RadApe20: 18 Jan, 2022
Rad ClanRACCOON$RACCOON is the reservation token for the RAD CLAN NFT, that will serve as a digital asset within the RACCOON CITY game.21: 17 Apr, 2022
RadChixRDCHXToken representing future RadChix NFT22: 25 Jan, 2022
RadderfliesCOCOONThis COCOON will become a beautiful RadderFly in the future23: 2 Apr, 2022
RadFam TokenRFTSeries of 530 NFTs24: 26 Apr, 2022
RadHeadsHEADRadHeads is a 3D NFT collection of 10,000 unique heads designed to represent the Radix community!25: 4 May, 2022
Radical DinosaursDINOThis token was created to reserve and trade items from the Radical Dinosaurs NFT Collection26: 21 Apr, 2022
Radical FractalsFRACTALReservation token for the RadicalFractal NFTs. Presented by the Geometricianz.27: 4 May, 2022
RadicalParrotsRPARROTSAfter babylon you will be able to trade this coin for your RadicalParrot.28: 1 Jun, 2022
RadicalPenguinsICEICERadical Penguins just love ICE, they love it so much that they solemnly promise to give a UNIQUE 3D Penguin NFT to each owner of ICE. 29: 23 Jan, 2022
RadiwhalesWHALERadiwhales NFT collection. Become a Radiwhale.30: 16 May, 2022
Radix Collection Avatar SeriesMultipleSeries of avatar NFTs on Radix Collection31: 8 Jan, 2022
Radix Collection BadgesMultipleBadges for achieving milestones on Radix 32: 7 Dec, 2021
Radix Frogz SocietyRFSToken for the Radix Frogz Society, a NFT collection33: 10 Feb, 2022
Radix One Million PixelsROMPRadix One Million Pixels Project. Leave a pixellated mark in the crypto space and be part of the future !34: 6 Feb, 2022
Radix PandaPANDAPanda is here and says hello!35: 16 Jan, 2022
RadixratzRATZToken for NFT Radix ratz36: 25 Jan, 2022
RadixvilleHomesHOMEToken representing 1 of 10,100 unique artworks of houses in Radixville37: 20 Jan, 2022
RadLadsRDLDRadLads is an NFT collection of 10,000 radical lads on the Radix Network38: 15 Jan, 2022
RadogsRADOGSRadogs NFT token; represents 1 of 10,000 loyal Radix friends39: 18 Jan, 2022
RadoodleRADOODLEWith this token, you can get your Radoodle!40: 19 Mar, 2022
RaDragonsRADRACollection of 10,000 unique generated Pixel styled RaDragons on Radix Blockchain, waiting to meet their new owners that they will guard for the rest of their lives. Providing unique utilities in the future as a part of the VikingCoin universe.41: 25 Apr, 2022
RaDragons EggsRAEGGFirst Ever NFT Hatching System on Radix! Collection of 10,000 unique generated Pixel styled RaDragon Eggs on Radix Blockchain, waiting to hatch into real and unique RaDragons! Providing unique utilities in the future as a part of the VikingCoin universe.42: 28 Apr, 2022
RadthingsTHINGToken to reserve one of the Radthings NFTs that will be released on Radix Babylon: www.radthingsnfts.com43: 18 Jan, 2022
RatixNFTRATIXRatix NFT Reserve Token44: 18 Jan, 2022
RippyRIPThe official unofficial Radix assistant. Rippy tokens recognise holders of Rippy NFTs for minting and distribution.45: 25 Mar, 2022
ROBOROBORadical Robos46: 17 Feb, 2022
RoidboizROIDZ9,936 unique Roidboiz NFTs occupying the farthest shards of the Radix Shardspace. Loyal to DogeCube, and the first of the Gangs of Radix.47: 25 Jan, 2022
Root MaterialsROOT200 unique 3D renders of the Radix symbol inspired by the first ever Radix NFT. ROOT tokens identify Root Material holders and will be exchangeable for reserved NFTs during Babylon.48: 22 Jan, 2022
Scrypto HeroesHEROToken used to mint a Scrypto Heroes NFT once Babylon is live49: 24 May, 2022
Scrypto PopsPOPToken for minting a Scrypto Pops NFT once Babylon launches50: 16 Mar, 2022
ScryptoChapsCHAPToken used to mint a ScryptoChaps once Babylon launches51: 11 Mar, 2022
ScryptoPunksSPUNKSToken used to mint a ScryptoPunks NFT once Babylon is live52: 14 Jan, 2022
ScryptoSkulls tokenSKULLSToken to mint one of ten thousand ScryptoSkulls NFTs53: 19 Feb, 2022
Shekel X DogeCube NFTSHKLDOGEShekel X DogeCube NFT54: 4 Apr, 2022
SkullzoSKULLZOYour greatest friend through thick and thin. Mostly thin.55: 22 Feb, 2022
Spike Bros NFTBROIn 1995, the Cactus Space Agency, launched 10000 cactus into space as an experiment. Little would they know, radiations transformed them in weird creatures. This token will be redeemable for a real NFT56: 29 Jan, 2022
Tesseract Genesis BTSRGBThe Tesseract is a Multiverse NFTs Collection developed with the Foton SDK and used on the Foton Marketplace to build status and unlock unique features.57: 1 Apr, 2022
The Burger JacketBURGERToken to mint a unique ONE of 100 Burger Jacket NFT58: 14 Feb, 2022
The Emperor's CallEMPUse the Emperor's Call tokens to mint your Sons of Heaven and find out what role you are playing in the army of the Emperor.59: 19 Jan, 2022
The Shekel Genesis NFTSKLGENFT1The Shekel Genesis NFT60: 4 Apr, 2022
TimeRunner TokenTIMEThe OG TimeRunner Token61: 18 Apr, 2022
VikingCoinVKCVikingCoin Network62: 24 Jan, 2022
XRD Ducks MafiaDUCKMBy holding this token, you attest to the possession of a duck mafia.63: 24 Jan, 2022
xrdGloryMultiplexrdGlory NFT token64: 13 Jan, 2022